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Plumbing and Faucet Repair in Portland, Oregon

Jay Jay's Plumbing Inc. of Portland, Oregon, is proud to provide quality faucet and plumbing repair services to residential and commercial clients throughout Vancouver and Portland, as well as the surrounding areas. As a full-service plumbing contractor, we offer a variety of services to tackle any of your plumbing needs, small or large.
Clogged Drain Service — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Clogged Drains
Clogged drains are no problem for our trained professionals. Count on us to get your drains flowing free again.
Pipe Repair — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Galvanized steel pipes should be replaced, both for your health and to increase the flow of the drains.
Garbage Containers — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Garbage Disposals
Our professional crews can repair most disposals, replace your old unit, or even install a new one that you've already bought.
Repairing Faucet — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Faucet Repair
From simple to complex, Jay Jay's can repair any of your faucet problems.
Repairing Toilet — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Toilet Repairs
If your toilet continually runs, is loose, or clogs up often, our plumbers can perform the adjustments and part replacements necessary to have your toilet back in full operation again.
Replacing Toilet — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Toilet Replacement
Our low-flow, environmentally friendly toilets help to save water and flush efficiently. Our selection is better than "do-it-yourself" stores. Professional installation means you know that it will work correctly.
Repairing Water Heater — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Water Heaters
Whether you need a repair or a new installation, Jay Jay's is your plumbing choice. Water heaters last 10–12 years, and installing new water heaters can save you a great deal of money in your utility bills. Don't wait for an emergency!
Water Containers — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Water Service Repair and Replacement
Jay Jay's strives to provide you the best service at an affordable price. That's why we offer free estimates on new lines from your meter to your home or office. Our trenchless technology allows us to run the lines with little or even no digging which saves your landscape and your wallet.
Water Pressure Tanks — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Low Water Pressure Problems
You can replace your old pipes to increase water volume and improve your health.
Sump Pumps Repair — Emergency Plumbing In Portland, OR
Sump Pumps and Sewer Ejectors
For storm and rain water or whole-house sewer system pumps, you can trust us to repair, replace, and perform maintenance on all makes and models of sump pumps and sewer ejectors.
Schedule a free estimate with Jay Jay's Plumbing Inc. for professional plumbing and faucet repair in Portland, Oregon. Call 503-667-8420 today!